Glad you stopped by. We are 2 spoiled dachshunds, Mommy and Daddy's fault! We are 5 years old and keep very busy keeping Mommy and Daddy on their toes!

Saturday, October 28, 2006

They left salchicha & lilly home, again!!

Mom and Dad went to the park, again. Today we had to stay home, so not fair!!!

As you see, this gator was bored because we didn't get to come see him. He was really looking forward to seeing us today.

This big guy is the above's daddy. He seems upset with mom and dad because now his boy is bored! He thought we'd be there to play with his boy. Told you we should have gone!

Here's his mommy. She seems to be making a list of chores for her boy to do, since he seems so bored. Guess it doesn't pay to be bored, even as a gator!

Mom took these pictures today, it was a wonderful day at the park. We wouldn't know since we had to stay home. But, we aren't bored! Posted by Picasa

Thursday, October 26, 2006

We were tricked!!

Mom came home tonight with candy!! We were so excited, she finally took the hint and brought US candy!!

Welllllll, once we started digging around in the bags, we found out real quick that the candy was not for us. Noooo, it's for those kiddos running around the neighborhood this coming Tuesday night.

What a rip-off!! We are re-thinking our stand on "goofy" costumes. If we were to dress up and come knocking on the door, do you think we would get some of the candy? Posted by Picasa

Friday, October 20, 2006

Lilly explains a fairy ring

In her excitement last night, mom forgot to explain to us what a fairy ring is. We were very disappointed when we found out it has nothing to do with food.

It happens when a mushroom shoots it's spores into the air and they fall to the ground. Since the mushroom is round, the ring of mushrooms will form a ring, thus the "fairy ring."

Now, Salchicha and I got to discussing this later. Our question again is, where the heck are the fairies? Do they ride the spores down to the ground then jump off and run and hide? Do they move in later after the mushroom is open and ready to live under? We are confused big time.

I decided to check out the living accomodations for myself, did I see a fairy?? I'm not saying, but........ Posted by Picasa

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Fairy Ring??!!!???!!

It's been rainning here quite a bit, so dad hasn't been able to mow.

Tonight dad got all excited because we had a fairy ring in our backyard. As excited as mom and dad were about this "fairy ring" thing we figured it would include food. Why? Who knows, but excitement to us is food..

Anyway, mom runs out in the yard with the camera and calls us out. She was trying to get us to look at the fairy ring, to which we say, "Why?"

Now, we discussed it between the two of us, did some searching and have only one question. "Where are the fairies?" Posted by Picasa

Friday, October 13, 2006

Between a Rock and ....

What does a river, a rock and dachshunds have in common? Nothing!

We were camping by a river and having a good time or so I, Salchicha, thought. But oh, Lilly had other plans. Earlier I explained how water and I do not mix but Lilly thinks she's a fish or something. She LOVESSSS water, so when we went down by the river she had this big idea of playing in the water.

I tried to distract her from her latest "water play" but it didn't work. She went into her "cute mode" for mom and bam, I'm in the water before you could say water fowl. I saw a huge rock and swam for it. Lilly had no choice but to come along with me.

Mom was with us and dad was taking the "cute" pictures. As you can see, Lilly was all excited about getting back into the water. Me, I was thinking how good it would feel to bite mom's hand! Posted by Picasa

Monday, October 09, 2006

The Hogs Found the Blog!!

These are a few family members of the pig in the previous blog.

They are so friendly, (we think they'll fall for that). They are so cute, (that is so not true). Maybe they will join us for supper, (bacon, bacon, bacon).

Hey, piggie, piggie your brother went that way!! We've got to rrruuunnn!!! Posted by Picasa

Saturday, October 07, 2006

The Real Piggie by Lilly

It's been rumored that I tend to eat too much and work mommy and daddy for treats. I just wanted to show you the real piggie!

This is a javalena, a pig. I'm a dachshund, a dog.

This is another of the reasons we go camping, you never know who's going to drop by.

Salchicha will say he is on daddy's lap to protect him. I say he is on daddy's lap because he is scared. Me, I'm helping mommy take the picture which earned me a treat for being so quiet! Posted by Picasa

Friday, October 06, 2006

Who's driving?

This was a fun day, Daddy made 2 mistakes. First he got the truck stuck in the sand on a beach, but we won't talk about that. Then he left a bag of chips on the dash.

Ok, now you have 2 dachshunds whose weakness is food. Do we eat or do we drive? While I, Lilly was voting on driving, Salchicha decided to eat the chips. Well, while trying to get to the chips he leaned on the horn. Guess what, 2 men trying to get a truck unstuck don't have much of a sense of humor!

Mommy thought it was funny! They got the truck out and Salchicha gave his "I'm sooooo sorry" look and gained some chips. I'm upset I didn't get to drive. Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Why did the dachsies cross the river?

Posted by Picasa Mommy thinks the blog gremlins attacked the computer last night.

We love hiking all trails. Sometimes we hike around trees, sometimes meadows and sometimes water.

I Lilly, love the water. I love to jump in and play in any body of water. When Mommy says bath time I run and jump in the tub. We even have our own boat when we go to the ocean, that is a little too deep for us.

Well, la-dee-da. I Salchicha, happen to NOT like water. I won't "jump in and play" like Lilly. When Mommy says bath, I run and hide. If she is going to give me a bath, she's going to work for it. But on this hike with Daddy, Lilly was jumping and catching who knows what in the water. Before long I was jumping and playing along with her. So, fun was had by all.

Side note: I still do not like a bath!

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Our friend the turtle

Today is daddy's birthday so mommy decided she would take him out for lunch. Huh, going to go eat and we don't get to go? So not fair.

This is Lilly, Salchicha decided he needed to take a beauty nap, like that's going to help. Sleep on prince charming, sleep on. Yes, I am cranky cause I didn't get to go for lunch.

This is a turtle we've met at the park. Friendly little guy, wonder if he gets taken out for lunch. Looks to me like he's full and just kicking back, soaking up the sun. Can turtles kick back?

I was suggesting to Salchicha earlier we should take some new pictures but mommy took the camera with them. Suppose they need to take pictures of the food to remind them how good it was????

Guess I'll go eat some of our dry, tasteless dog food. Boy, we rate so high on the love scale today! Posted by Picasa