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Monday, February 12, 2007

The Frozen Tundra of Iowa

Mom and Dad got called home to Iowa due to family emergency. We were upset at first cause we didn't get to go, but mom sent us a couple pictures and all we can think of is.. "Dang, it's cold in Iowa!!"

Mom told us it's been snowing everyday since they got there, bet the car isn't happy! For Texans like Mom and Dad it's strange having to deal with snow and ice. She has commented on how cold, icey and snowy it's been, but we think she's having a good time anyway!

She wanted us to blog this picture of the Surf Ballroom and see how many people have heard of it. She grew up in the area and went to many dances at the Surf. She said a great time was had by all, guess we'll have to take her word for it.

She said it anyone knows the history of the Surf she will blog another picture of the monument from the plane crash..ok, do we get a hint to what she is talking about?? She said it has to do with Buddy Holly, who the heck is he? The Big Bopper, is that a toy??? And finally Richie Vallence.. we aren't even going to take a guess on that one.

So, we have had a little free blogging time, that's cause mom and dad are so far away. They are heading home tomorrow, oh they better be bringing us a good treat!!! Posted by Picasa

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Mom is in Paris!!

We think mom has taken off for Paris! It's been days since we have gotten to blog and the only reason we can figure out is MOM IS IN PARIS!!

Oh, Dad says with work, the new grandbaby and chores she is working long hours but we know the truth, she is hiding the fact she is in Paris..

Dad has been good with us, but he doesn't blog with us. We need to blog so our friends don't think we forgot about them and went to Paris or something..

So mom... hear this and hear it good.. WE NEED TO BLOG, so come home!!! Oh yes, bring us a treat and souviener from Paris! Posted by Picasa